Who is Trina Roach?

Trina Roach is a native Pennsylvanian and graduate of Upper Moreland High School in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. In 1972, Trina  – who elected to take German as a foreign language when she entered Junior High School – had the opportunity to spend the summer in Germany as an exchange student. During this time she lived with German family who had a daughter her age and attended to the local high school (“Gymnasium”) along with her German “sister”.

Leaving for German exchange program 1972

Inspired by the many new impressions she gained during her trip, Trina soon convinced her parents and school guidance counselor to permit her to graduate from high school at the end of 11th grade in order for fulfill her dream: Return to Europe!

Majoring in literary criticism, Trina studied at both the Strasbourg (France) and Heidelberg (Germany) campuses of Schiller College, European University (now: Schiller International University). She also studied at the University of Maryland, European Campus in Heidelberg, as well as the Georg-August-Universität in Göttingen, Germany.

Upon completing her studies, Trina worked for several years as a freelance trainer in Management Training & Development with some of the top companies in Europe. She later segued into marketing and advertising; first working for a renown brand naming consultancy in Frankfurt, Germany, before accepting a position with Germany’s #2 communications network in Düsseldorf. During her tenure there, Trina handled one of the agency’s top blue chip clients with advertising billings of approximately ten million German marks. She was responsible both for Germany, as well as the client’s expansion into the opening Eastern European markets.

  • Several campaigns for brands with which she and her team were entrusted went on to win both national and international recognition.

Already known throughout the network as a gifted presenter and public speaker, as the group expanded into Eastern Europe Trina’s skills as a top-notch recruiter and trainer became an additional asset. Appointed Head of Human Resources Development, she was asked to head up the agency’s entry-level program for advertising professionals, as well as run the internal training academy. Run as a Center of Excellence for both Western and Middle Europe, Trina was the contact person for training throughout the region.

  • In 2004 the agency’s work in recruiting and training school leavers and graduates was recognized with a national award presented by a leading business publication, a business foundation and the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
  • In 2005 the German Federation of Communications Agencies requested that Trina represent them as a panel expert when the profile for advertising professionals was re-written

With Creating Tomorrow: The Leadership Consultancy– , Trina established herself as an independent coach, trainer and consultant in late 2005. Her work as taken her from Amsterdam to Moscow and from Tallinn to Istanbul. In addition to her activities in the field of leadership skills and communications training, her portfolio includes:

As was true during her agency days, Trina considers her professional calling to be:

People Management – with the emphasis on ‘people‘!


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