Via International Black, international coach, consultant and trainer Trina Roach offers a selection of speaking, training and coaching services especially for the African-American community.

Her objective: To encourage more black students and young professionals to seriously consider studying and working abroad. Trina also offers up straight talk on the unique challenges that face people of color outside the United States based on the first-hand experienced she’s gained in her 30+ years abroad. In addition, Trina works to further sensitize and empower African-American families and mentors in supporting African-American youth more effectively in making the most of this important decision.

“What’s A Nice (Black American) Girl Like You…?” (60- to 90-minute presentation with Q&A)

Listen as Trina talks about what initially motivated her to leave the relative comfort of her suburban Pennsylvanian life to move to Europe at the age of 17 in the mid-70’s. Find out how her education in France and Germany differed from the education she would have received at an American university. In addition, Trina shares important insights into how life in (esp. Northern) Europe has evolved for people of color over the past 30 years.

Intercultural Bootcamp

(Interactive workshop + presentation)

In this highly interactive and experiential workshop, Trina challenges the participants to step out of their comfort zone. The discussion will center around some of the frustrating issues and awkward situations you may encounter when spending time abroad. Following a series of carefully selected rôle play situations, the group discusses the differing sources of contrasting cultural attitudes. All the while Trina shares tools and techniques to help them better navigate their future foreign surroundings with grace and diplomacy, while still remaining true to themselves.

  • 1/2-Day Workshop (4 – 5 hours)
  • 1-Day Workshop (8 1/2 hours)

Intercultural Transition Coaching

Once their plane has landed, the real adventure begins! A lot of what African-American students experience may be new to them, and they’ll do their best to take it all in stride. Though they will have fellow students to share their adventures with, and tutors or counselors to confide in, some African-American students will need the perspective of another “seasoned” African-American to turn to as a sounding board. Why? Because sometimes the intercultural equation isn’t “American + Country X” it’s “African-American + Country X”.

As an intercultural transition coach, Trina isn’t only there to help you deal with cultural tension against a racial backdrop. She is also on board to support African-Americans as they process the many new personal, academic (or professional) insights and experiences, and successfully consolidate them into a strong foundation for the future.

  • Individual Coaching Package
  • Group Coaching Package

You’d like more details about one or more of these programs, including scheduling and pricing? Contact Trina to set up a time to talk!


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