Special Guest – Sienna Scott (South Africa via Newark, New Jersey)

For the 2nd International Black Info Call I am pleased to be able to welcome Ms. Sienna Scott as my special guest. Sienna is a native of Newark, New Jersey and currently a senior at Rutgers University, where she studies English and Urban Education.

In addition to her busy academic schedule, Sienna donates her time tutoring middle school students in her home town, as part of the “I Have a Dream Foundation”. Sienna is also the Vice President of the “Newark Achievers Club”, a student organization at her university that encourages excellence in students who are from the city of Newark,  while diligently working towards her goal of being a teacher:

“I’ve had a lot of opportunities and I want to give back to children who may not have those same opportunities.”

As part of her academic program at Rutgers, Sienna spent six months living and studying in South Africa.

Join me and Sienna on the upcoming info call as she shares with us:

  1. her motivation for spending time studying in South Africa,
  2. her impression of the country and its peoples
  3. the academic and personal insights she gained while studying there

2nd International Black Info Call with Sienna Scott

(Due to a technical problem the interview begins abruptly, but only about a minute of Sienna’s contribution was lost.)


2 responses to “Special Guest – Sienna Scott (South Africa via Newark, New Jersey)

  • Joy Lawson Davis

    Trina, so excited to hear about this gifted young scholar! Newark is also my hometown AND I’m being hosted this October by th NJ Assoc for Gifted Children to present three workshops, one is planned for Newark. Perhaps Sienna can assist with networking for the conference. We need to hear from young people like Sienna! I’ll listen in (although I’ll be recovering fr OutPatient surgery). Thank you for this interview! Dr Joy

    • Trina

      Thank you, Joy! And congratulations on your workshops. Please do call in and feel free to also ask Sienna any questions you might have. We Jersey girls have got to stick together!

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