Special Guest – Sherise Alexis (from FLA to the rest of the world!)

Saturday evening I had the distinct pleasure of spending an hour talking with Sherise Alexis about her experiences abroad. Sherise, a native of Florida with roots in Trinidad and Tobago as well as Grenada, got her first taste of travel as a child visiting with relatives.

Looking at the list of her later adventures abroad, it’s hard to believe that this intrepid traveler is only 21 years old!

  • In middle school the only 13 year old decided to follow passion and curiosity by taking part in a church-sponsored youth missions trip to Costa Rica to build a house and deliver medical supplies.
  • By high school she was ready for more, and entered an essay competition sponsored by the National Black MBA Association. With the winning Leaders of Tomorrow essay meant a free trip to a week-long leadership camp in London, England.
  • After graduating as salutatorian (!) and enrolling at Florida International University, Sherise decided to confuse a lot of people and yet again go abroad – this time as part of a one-year exchange program in Brazil.
  • After returning to the US and spending two years in upstate New York (which when compared to Miami  – according to Sherise – IS another country), she went abroad again. This time spending a summer at one of the most respected universities in Germany, the Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität.

Listen to my interview with Sherise!

Now Sherise is back in the US for her junior and senior years of college and doing her best to promote study abroad and cross-cultural understanding. In the future, she hopes to go abroad again for a master’s program in management and ideally some form of specialization in technology, and she has little doubt that she will end up living abroad, the only question is –



Do you have any questions for Sherise? Simply post them in the comment section or send them directly to Sherise via Twitter at @sheriseology using the tag #IB!


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