Special Guest – Josie Richardson (Pt. 1: People-to-People Student Ambassador)

Josie Richardson is a 15-year-old sophomore at Farmville Central High School in North Carolina. She is also a member of the

People-to-People Student Ambassador Class of 2012*

Fueled by a passion for learning about new cultures, discovering new places, and developing new friendships and relationships, Josie responded to a letter she received from the People-to-People organization.  Both her written application and live interview were enough to convince those involved that Josie was exactly the kind of open and ambitious student they wanted for the program.

Always very active in school and other activities, Josie has played the violin, baritone and trombone,  as well as competing in gymnastics and junior varsity volleyball, where she is also one of the captains.  Academically Josie professes a strong passion for both math and science,  and is ultimately interested in studying criminology.

When she is not traveling with her volleyball team, Josie supports her mother who is primary caregiver for her  grandmother.  She regularly checks her sugar levels (due to her diabetes) and her blood pressure, assists with administering her medications and her grooming (brushing her teeth and washing her face). For Josie – her grandmother’s namesake – this is purely a labor of love.

In this first part of our two-part interview

…find out more about this bright young lady who is so excited about studying abroad and traveling to see the world!

And check back with us again in the fall for the second part of this interview, when Josie will share how her trip has helped her to better understand how diversity can help

  • build stronger communities
  • increase productivity
  • improve the chances for world peace


Thank you in advance for assisting in making Josie’s dream come true!

* If you are interested in helping Josie Richardson reach her goal of raising $10,000.00 in tuition and costs for her trip, feel free to make a donation via Paypal!


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