Special Guest – Jonathan Copeland (Frankfurt, Germany)

Jonathan Copeland is a 22 year old, who originally hails from Boston, MA, USA. As a young man he moved with his family to Orlando, Florida, then back to Boston, then on to Atlanta, Georgia, where he pursued an education in criminal justice.  On moving back to Boston once again, Jonathan switched his educational focus to the medical field.

His first steps – to become nationally certified  as a

  • a Phlebotomy Technician
  • an EKG Technician, and
  • a Clinical Medical Assistant

Although he’s never worked in any of these fields, they were instrumental in helping him find a new career beginning.

Shortly after finishing his medical training, Jonathan was hired by Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates of Boston. There he mostly worked at the computer, but his manager was aware of his clinical background. That led to one of the lead Ophthalmic Technicians taking Jonathan under his wing and teaching him the skills needed to become an Ophthalmic Technician – the person who assists the Ophthalmologist during medical eye exams.

Jonathan quickly identified this to be his niche, and was soon hired by another Harvard Vanguard Clinic as a Ophthalmic Technician. There he was encouraged by both patients and doctors alike to further his education and pursue higher learning in that field.

In October 2011 Jonathan moved to Germany to do just that!

Jonathan left everything he had in the US to go back to school in Germany, where he currently lives with a relative and no longer works full-time.

Jonathan’s goal: To practice ophthalmic medicine.

To listen to Jonathan talk about his motivation to enter the medical field – and why he chose to further his education in Germany – just tune in!


4 responses to “Special Guest – Jonathan Copeland (Frankfurt, Germany)

  • Eric Zyzanski

    I have had the pleasure of meeting this young man through Sandra Copeland (his Grandmother). I have known this young man 1 year. He has never stopped in his goals.His pursuit to reach a very hard occupation has been relentless. He has studied books,worked hands on is VERY VERY perceptive. Those around him gave him the encouragement to go far,and he took that and went with it.He is well liked by those around him,and professional and really good at what he does. He enjoys working out at the gym,and even got me in the gym with him. He passes on encouragement to others. He seen his chance to further himself and within 4 months (knowing he had the opportunity to Go to Germany ) learned fluent German,and reading and writing German now.His determination and achievements thus far shows where he is going. He will be a very valuable asset to the medical field.

  • Sherise Alexis (@sheriseology)

    I listened the the interview, and to the question about how high school students can do a study abroad when their high school doesn’t offer it I personally went with Rotary International as an exchange student to Brazil. My school didn’t offer it, I had to deal with naysayers, and I had to make a LOT of legwork to get in contact with the right people, but I made it happen!

    Research, Research, RESEARCH! It’s a skill that can get you almost anywhere. Quite literally. haha 🙂

    And last summer I was doing a program at Ludwig-Maximillians-Universität in Munich for Electronic Media. So yay for fellow blacks that are willing to go abroad!

    I’m even converting my university friends to consider study abroad. 🙂

    If anyone has questions about study abroad I can definitely answer them on both the high school and university level. And both times that I went, it was NOT through my respective schools.

    • Trina

      Thanks for sharing your insights, Sherise! I’m happy to hear that Jonathan’s advice has already proven successful for you. There is literally a wealth of info (not to mention programs and financial support opportunities) available out there. People simply have to be motivated enough to do the necessary legwork. When I did my summer exchange program back in 1972, my school did not have its own program and there was no such thing as the internet. But once the travel bug had bit me, there was no stopping me.

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