Info Calls

Tune in to the International Black Info Calls!

  • Are you an African-American student looking for additional arguments to persuade your parents to okay your semester abroad – or looking for arguments to ally your own sense of apprehension?
  • Are you a parent who’s not really sure it’s safe for your child to travel abroad in the current political climate, and wonder if it’s really academically or professional necessary in the first place?
  • Are you an educator, counselor or mentor who wants more facts as ammunition to encourage African-American students to step outside their comfort zone and take on the challenge of studying abroad?

In a series of 60-minute info calls, Trina Roach is interviewing young African-Americans about their personal experiences while studying or working abroad, providing facts and information, as well as suggesting additional on-the-ground resources for anyone preparing to pick up their passport – and GO!


Helping you get the facts you need to make an informed decision!


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