About IB

International Black’s objective is to empower young African-Americans as they reframe their beliefs about travel abroad and come to realize that international opportunities are indeed “for us”, too, as well as encourage them to

Reach out to rôle models!

Inform themselves about the experiences and get advice (not only) from fellow African-Americans who have either experienced life abroad or are currently studying/working outside of the Unites States.

Counter fiction with facts!

Realize that if most people in other countries only depended on what they heard about America in films or on their local news, not many people would want to come here, either! Yes, racism is real all around the world, but we need to learn to separate headline news from everyday life – just like you do at home.

Be prepared to take the plunge!

A successful experience abroad has to be well-planned and well-thought through, whether your trip will last several weeks, a number of months or even years! Spend time learning the language, as well as learning about the history, culture and current events in the country you plan to visit.


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