Did You Know You Could Study Abroad – Tuition-Free?

One group that has been particularly hard-hit by the current economic situation is recent college graduates.  Forced to either lower their entry-level career expectations (or to sit out a hiring round or two altogether), graduates are also often shackled with tens of thousands of dollars of tuition debt in the shape of student loans.

This debt can follow you for decades, overshadowing your financial progress as you strive to start a family, become a first-time home owner or set up a reasonable retirement plan. Many might remember that President Obama and his wife Michelle only recently paid off their own students loans. In view of this dour perspective, the idea of studying abroad might seem even more of a financial frivolity than it already does to some.

But did you know that you can study for free at some universities abroad?

When I enrolled at the Georg-August-University in Göttingen, Germany in 1979, I paid a nominal registration fee of less than $100 per semester. Yes, a lot of water has flowed down the Leine since then, and the discussion about charging tuition to study at university in German was a tense one.

The ban against charging tuition for undergraduate studies was lifted in 2005 with German universities being allowed to charge tuition as of the winter semester 2006/2007. In the meantime, though, only universities in 4 of Germany’s 16 Federal states (Baden-Württenberg, Lower Saxony, Hamburg and Bavaria) charge tuition; the state of North-Rhine Westphalia having recently rescinding their own previous decision.

Have a look at “List of Tuition Free Universities in Germany & Study Information” to find out more about studying tuition-free in Germany – including information about living costs, as well as links to sites providing information on tuition costs for post-graduate studies in the different Federal states.


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