Do You Know Which Famous African-Americans Studied Abroad?

February is Black History Month in the United States. Did you know it is observed in some places in Germany, too? Several groups of Afro-Europeans have gotten together to celebrate and commemorate the contributions people of African descent have made to the world, as well as to spotlight ongoing issues of discrimination and exclusion still plaguing German society. The most notable celebrations are in Hamburg and Berlin – feel free to check out the flavor of the activities planned outside the USA for BHM 2013!

Getting back to the States and the topic of this site, though, I was very excited and inspired to discover an article by Megan Lee entitled, “20 Famous African Americans Who Studied Abroad“. Megan’s article provides as quick list of some well-known African-Americans – representing different segments of public life – who spent time studying abroad from mid-20th century.

The list includes some names that come as no surprise:

  • Katherine Dunham (dancer, choreographer)
  • Henry Louis Gates Jr. (educator, scholar)
  • Paul Robeson (singer, actor)

to name just a few. Most inspiring to me, however, were the names of people I had no idea spent time expanding their scope of experience outside the borders of the USA.

How she could have neglected to add Angela Davis, though, is a mystery to me!


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