International Black – On The Airwaves

Once you’ve discovered this site, I hope you also take the opportunity to listen to the interviews I’ve conducted on the info calls with African-American students who have already taken the leap and experienced life as a student abroad. If you haven’t listened to (all of) the info calls yet, either click on the “Info Calls” tab at the top of the page or the individual links in the sidebar to hear what

  • Tecla Robinson
  • Sienna Scott
  • Terra Robinson
  • Jonathan Copeland

have to share about their experiences in the UK, South Africa, France, Belgium and Germany.

Although some of you have dialed in to listen to those interviews live, many of you have found them later and listened to the recording.

In addition to International Black, I’d like to find out more about your habits when it comes to listening to

podcasts and online radio.

If you don’t mind sharing, please take this short (3 – 5 minute) survey to let me know how your feel!

Click here to take the survey!

Thanks in advance!


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