Black Expats: Having Our Say

Although the number of African-Americans living and working abroad has increased over the years, our stories don’t seem to be really penetrating the collective consciousness back home in the States. Sure, most people in the Black community have an uncle/cousin/neighbor who was stationed in Germany/Korea/England at one time, but what about the stories of those black people who have settled outside US borders and live and work amongst the locals?

One great source of information about the experience of black people outside of the USA is Black Expat Magazine, the “baby” of (former) expats Reginald Smith, Adrianne George and Derek McCullough. These three have pooled their talents, insights and personal expat experiences to create an informative and inspirational platform for potential (not only American) black travelers worldwide!

If you are curious about what it’s like to be “living while black” in places as diverse as the Netherlands, Costa Rica and Cambodia, add this url to your personal blog roll.

Or better yet: subscribe to get the latest issue delivered directly to your inbox!

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